I Got Served and I Wanted Magic!

I got served and I was not happy. I don’t blame my server, she did exactly what she was supposed to do. She took my order, refilled my glass, and even gave me extra napkins when I asked. All in all, most people would be ecstatic when their server does precisely what they ask them to do. Most people complain about customer service and how nothing goes right at a restaurant. Continue reading

7 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Special And Appreciated

People love to be appreciated for what they do. Your customers are no exception. They want to feel appreciated by you and to be special. Don’t you love it when you walk into a restaurant that you frequently visit and the hostess knows your name? It is little gestures such as these that your customer wants to come back to you again and again. Here are 7 ways to make your customer feel special and appreciated: Continue reading